Weight Loss
Binging & purging

Sugar dependencies and other dependencies
Eating dependencies
Long Term fitness and wellness programs

Relationship Issues
Break-ups, divorce, & separation
Recovery from toxic relationships including trauma & abuse
Love dependencies
Empty Nesters
Parenting Coach Programs (adolescent, teen, young adult)
Helping your adult children transition into adulthood
Setting Healthy Boundaries

Overcoming Past Trauma
Developing a "New Self"
Grief and loss
  • Childhood trauma, life trauma

Combining fitness and self awareness to create a new version of you. To learn more or to get started, please call or email today.


When it comes to private fitness and behavioral change studios for adults , Midlife Refocus in Northern Virginia is here for you!   We offer programs that promote long term growth for your mind, body, and spiritual self-awareness to ensure constant evolution in all areas.

-Private Training suites

-Customized workout plans for each person

-Specializing in programs for Mature Adults (Over 40)

-Over 15 years experience in the Northern Virginia Area

-Discreet, mature staff to protect the privacy of our clients in govt. and private sector workforce. 

Formerly Fitness Together- Chantilly,   As Midlife Refocus,  We now offer behavioral change programs and long term individualized fitness/wellness programs to help our clients with their long term goals.  We specialize in long term fitness programs for adults over 40 and hypnosis/behavioral programs designed to overcome fear, weight management, self inquiry, and more.

Start your self awareness and wellness journey today!